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Providing affordable, as-you-need-it legal advice on many areas of California law. We provide legal guidance and advice on a very limited basis so that you can take charge of your issues without spending a fortune by hiring a lawyer to represent you full-time.

Immediate Access

Typically I can assist you within minutes or hours.

Direct Attorney Advice

As an experienced lawyer since 1998, I personally and directly assist you with your family law issues. No secretaries. No bureaucracy. No red tape.

Unparalleled Value

Extremely valuable legal advice at a very low cost.

Divorce, Spousal Support, Child Support, Child Custody, Restraining Orders & More

Whatever your family law issue, I am here to assist you to represent yourself. Your on-demand lawyer to help guide you. Schedule a telephone appointment now for immediate assistance.

Many times people can represent themselves in their divorce cases without having to incur tens of thousands of dollars of attorneys fees. If you, like a vast number of people, are prepared to do the leg work and take charge of your case, but need legal guidance and coaching along the way, I am here to help you.  My legal practice is only devoted exclusively to assisting people who represent themselves. Let me help you help yourself with your family law matters.
  • Do-it-yourself divorce with my guidance
  • Save thousands of dollars by representing yourself, but with my personal assistance
  • Gain valuable information to self-help resources
  • Consult me when you need me
  • Take charge of your own family law matters with the confidence that I am here to answer your questions and guide you when you need


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